JSA have partnered with an award winning online bookkeeping system, specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

myJSAonline is a cloud-based accounting tool that puts you in control by taking the jargon out of accounting and giving you real-time visibility of how your business is performing. myJSAonline lets you manage your expenses and invoices, automatically chase payments, analyse bank statements and forecast tax.

The product is continually updated, ensuring the experience and functionality is right up to date at all times.  Recent innovations include the ability to upload transactions from your business bank account, further streamlining your record-keeping.

Any changes you make automatically update in your accounts, showing your real-time profit position and forecasting your tax liabilities. myJSAonline puts you in control of your business finances throughout the year and makes it easy to collaborate with us on matters affecting your business, and your tax bill.

Using myJSAonline while working with, you can:

  • Upload your bank statements straight into the software
  • View real time information on how much you can withdraw from your company in dividends
  • Create and send branded professional estimates and invoices.
  • Customise the dashboard to provide an at-a-glance view of the health of your business all through the year
  • Have complete visibility of your company accounts and what’s going on in your business

When you sign up to JSA, we’ll take you through the different parts of myJSAonline over the phone, so you can ensure you are happy with the parts of the program that you need to use.









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